5 Reasons To Make Your Technology API Driven

API Driven Technology

With technology evolving constantly and new software solutions being created, API driven technology enables your applications to offer more functionality without the headache of building new technology from the ground up. In other words, it enables you to leverage other solutions to enhance the functionality of your own technology. What Does API Stand For? API […]

“IdeasAI” Creates Better Startup Ideas Than Humans Are Capable Of

"IdeasAI" Comes Up With Better Startup Ideas Than Humans Can

Historically, we have hypothesised and created businesses by identifying a gap in the market: Understanding what consumers want and delivering it. But this can now be done via IdeasAI, a platform that may come up with better startup ideas than we humans can. The product is the brainchild of Pieter Levels, a serial entrepreneur, digital […]

GPT-3: Will It Radically Transform The Technology World?

GPT-3: Will It Radically Transform The Technology World?

GPT-3 is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology that is capable of producing large bodies of text in real time. Now, that might sound well and good, but let’s put this into context and get scientific for a second. By the end of this article, you’ll see why GPT-3 has the capacity to change the world […]

Should I Rebuild My Tech Or Improve What I Have?

Should I Rebuild My Tech Or Improve What I Have?

It’s quite common that a business enlists an agency for software development and it doesn’t go to plan. The customer is left with a product that is underwhelming, or that may have been built in a particular software program that isn’t suitable. The product might be a website, app, or two-sided marketplace, and it leaves […]

Workplace from Facebook: Should My Team Use It?

Workplace from Facebook

In the COVID-era, many businesses have pivoted towards a full-time flexible working arrangement. Working from home has gone from progressive to encouraged. With such an expedited shift in work culture, teams are exploring tools to enable this shift. It’s with this that we’re exploring Workplace from Facebook. Station Five recently conducted a study of with […]

How Can I Best Ensure Users Continue Using My Mobile App?

How Can I Best Ensure Users Continue Using My App?

It’s one thing to build a great mobile application. But it’s another for people who like it to come back and continually use it. They get busy, and soon, your app can find itself relegated to what we refer to here at Station Five as “App Heaven”. Contrary to the name, this isn’t a good […]