How Can I Best Ensure Users Continue Using My Mobile App?

13 August, 2020
How Can I Best Ensure Users Continue Using My App?

It’s one thing to build a great mobile application. But it’s another for people who like it to come back and continually use it. They get busy, and soon, your app can find itself relegated to what we refer to here at Station Five as “App Heaven”. Contrary to the name, this isn’t a good place to be. So, how can you ensure your users continue using your mobile app?

The Research: Keeping Users On Your Mobile App

In March of 2020, due to everyone being more engaged with their mobile devices due to COVID-19, app push notifications reached their highest average open rate in four years (Source: Yahoo Finance).

But don’t get too carried away: You must focus on delivering a high-quality experience, and not sending so many notifications that consumers ultimately get annoyed and start ignoring them. 

A great example is Netflix, who utilise push notifications combined with machine learning to inform you of a new series you may be interested in:

Netflix Push Notification

If it adds value, send it. But don’t remind people you’re there for the sake of it.

This has been further proven by workplace health and change application JOOL Health INC, who undertook a comprehensive study to discover that tailored notifications concerning subjects were better for engagement.

So when sending notifications, make sure they’re targeted and relevant.

Email Marketing For Re-Engaging Mobile App Users

Another effective strategy is to remind people of your app via a strong email marketing campaign.

And again, your emails must be tailored. You shouldn’t email your entire email list and treat them all as one group; they’re all different people, from different demographics, with varying reasons for using your app.

But rest assured we don’t mean emailing one at a time! Rather, split up the list in regards to their various levels of engagement with your app, and their demographic.

Your lists might be as follows if only including the various levels of engagement with your app:

  • No Activity: 0 opens per month
  • Little Activity: 0-2 per month
  • Good Activity: 2-4 per month
  • Great Activity: 4 + per month

Don’t Disregard Customer Feedback

Check for other competition within your market. Check websites or groups that may have reviews pertaining to your app. Check users aren’t reporting bugs, and finally, email a select few to learn WHY they have stopped using it.

Once you know the answer to these questions, your emails can be tailored towards your segmented groups that directly address the reasons they’ve stopped using it. You need to create an email that feels tailored to your users. Give your customers the same effort through customisation that you expect back from them in feedback.

Go Beyond Usage and Demographics

Let’s say you are operating a health app. There may be people who haven’t filled in all their personal information yet (such as age, height, weight, etc) that you can target. There may also be people who have filled in their personal information, but who aren’t using one of the key features of your app (such as tailored meal plans and workouts). These are radically differing individuals who may fall into the same category from the perspective of app usage and demographic. Make sure you customise your messaging to them accordingly.

Conversely, you might be running an app where people have abandoned their shopping carts. So, be sure to email them and let them know what they’ve left behind! It’s critical you recapture the passion they had to either buy your products or engage with your app.

Personal App Experience

Moreover, discount codes or discounts on particular items are other tactics you can utilise to get people to come back.

The key component is that these incentives work for both of you: providing a reason for the user to return and keep using the app while simultaneously ensuring that you end up with a sale or further engagement.

Games and Prizes: Getting Users Back On Your App

If relevant, some apps can ask users to engage in games that offer prizes or awards, or discounts for getting involved. You might send a small game to play (related to your app) via an email blast with a prize that also relates to your app.

For example, a health quiz, or a text-pic game, with the winner receiving a home workout kit or a number of free workouts from the platform (or, access to the premium side of it for a number of months).

Games and challenges are likely to strike up interest, so get creative with your team, and put something enticing together!

We trust the aforementioned information is enough to get you started on bringing your users back to your mobile application.

It’s time to get personal and creative!

If you need help developing any of these custom solutions within your mobile app, check if we’re right for you via the Problems We Solve page here.

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Lambros Photios

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