GPT-3: Will It Radically Transform The Technology World?

8 September, 2020
GPT-3: Will It Radically Transform The Technology World?

GPT-3 is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology that is capable of producing large bodies of text in real time. Now, that might sound well and good, but let’s put this into context and get scientific for a second. By the end of this article, you’ll see why GPT-3 has the capacity to change the world and your tech startup.

How GPT-3 Works

GPT-3 uses a subtype of AI called deep learning (which is a subtype of machine learning, which I’m sure you’re all too familiar with). It uses over 175 billion input parameters, meaning every time it produces content, it’s using 175 billion data points simultaneously.

GPT-3 achieves this by using an autoregressive language model, which is a technical way of saying it takes in all content, and analyses the nature of the language in relation to:

  1. The industry the content was written for.
  2. The era it was written in.
  3. Anything else which could be relevant to understand that content.

But, the magic sauce doesn’t just come from its analysis of the content.

It also comes from the sheer volume of content that it’s analysing (which for context, is over ten times more than any other model of its nature).

It’s not just about writing content, but it’s about interpreting it and giving us insights into what we may want. A great example is this article we wrote that details how GPT-3 is generating product and business ideas for entrepreneurs.

The Cost of GPT-3 and How Elon Musk Is Helping

When GPT-3 was first published in a closed beta, they worked out that to train the model (as you need to give it data to learn from) it costs US $4.6 million.

As a result, OpenAI (Elon Musk’s not-for-profit company, which produced GPT-3) has published an API. This means developers can utilise a server that is constantly running GPT-3 to build applications at a minimal cost.

GPT-3 Examples and How It Can Help You

There’s no question this technology is going to transform our lives more than any former AI evolution has before.

Here’s an example of how GPT-3 can design an app for you when you give it clear instructions as to what you want:

Here’s another example of how GPT-3 can help you stay healthy.

It has the capacity to assess a nutrition label, identify the product’s ingredients, and tell you if it’s healthy or not:

Or lastly, what about GPT-3 writing your emails for you?

There’s no doubt GPT-3 will change our personal and business lives.

If you want any information about how we can assist you with GPT-3, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Lambros Photios

Lambros Photios

I'm the founder and CEO of Station Five, one of Australia's fastest growing technology businesses. I specialise in idea conceptualisation and go to market, and work to provide startups with valuable information as host of The Venture Podcast.

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