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Software Development

Software Development

Station Five specialises in developing custom made software that allows your business to carry out essential processes as efficiently and accurately as possible. As a leading software development company in Sydney with the resources to service clients nationwide, our main objective is for the final product to align with your business model and integrate seamlessly into your daily operations.

There are several phases in the software development life cycle, and our software consultants involve our clients at every step along the way as we advocate complete transparency. These phases are:

  • Planning – we begin by consulting businesses to understand the unique outcomes they would like to achieve.
  • Analysis – our development team gather essential information to answer the most important questions: How will this product be used? What type of data is required? Who will be using this system?
  • Design – once we have all the required information, we get to work designing the software’s framework and build out from there.
  • Implementation – once all design and coding is completed, the software is able to be reviewed.
  • Testing – any defects are identified and resolved, and a demonstration of the product is carried out with the client.
  • Deployment and Ongoing Maintenance – once all parties are satisfied with the finished product, it is deployed into the real world and maintained on an ongoing basis by our team.

As a new age application and software development company, Station Five is passionate about developing software that solves problems for our clients and helps them achieve sustainable growth.