“IdeasAI” Creates Better Startup Ideas Than Humans Are Capable Of

8 September, 2020
"IdeasAI" Comes Up With Better Startup Ideas Than Humans Can

Historically, we have hypothesised and created businesses by identifying a gap in the market: Understanding what consumers want and delivering it. But this can now be done via IdeasAI, a platform that may come up with better startup ideas than we humans can.

The product is the brainchild of Pieter Levels, a serial entrepreneur, digital nomad and Golden Kitty Award winner. Pieter utilises an autoregressive language model with deep learning to give us these potential business and product insights.

Powered by GPT-3, which you can read all about here, the platform creates suggestions from pre-defined good ideas from existing startups.

Here’s a snapshot of some of the ideas it has generated:

Like many things AI, it’s not always perfect. However, as users we can judge the quality of the generated ideas by liking and disliking the ideas.

If you see an idea you’d like to pursue, you can even pay $99 and have it removed from the site.

Here are some of the other ideas generated by the product:

Pieter Levels refers to his audience for this initiative as “product hunters.” It’s a good description: it may just give entrepreneurs their next venture, or employees a side hustle that could make a real difference.

Lambros Photios

Lambros Photios

I'm the founder and CEO of Station Five, one of Australia's fastest growing technology businesses. I specialise in idea conceptualisation and go to market, and work to provide startups with valuable information as host of The Venture Podcast.

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