Station Five Philippines

Station Five Philippines

Station Five’s foundations in the Philippines stemmed from a requirement for strong technical talent to join our growing team.

In September 2018, our Sydney based Operations Manager travelled to Manila to establish a presence on the ground, recruiting the first three team members of our organisation.

Our Technical Manager then followed, working from Manila for six weeks, educating our Philippines team on our technical processes to establish a close alignment between the Australian and Philippines team.

It is through this that we’ve been able to develop a strong, cross collaborative culture between the two locations that continues to thrive.

Today, our Philippines team operates independently, driven by the business direction of our Australian team, but with local management on the ground continuing to grow our 20+ person team.

Establish a Modern Approach to Build Technology with Visibility

Expert COnsultants

Companies who engage with Station Five are paired with Australian based consultants with both software development and business expertise. Their role is to be the translation layer between our clients and our developers to build products whilst providing you with full visibility on project delivery.

Remote Development Teams

Station Five builds remote development teams who are paired with our expert consultants. These developers are dedicated to your project from start to finish, ensuring they efficiently work to create continuous outcomes for your organisation.

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