ShoreTrade is a startup that had a concept but no technology in the industry. Their concept was to create a two sided marketplace for primary industry connecting fishermen and coops with wholesale buyers of seafood. The master plan for ShoreTrade was to replace the current antiquated processes with a piece of technology that made the experience completely seamless for both buyers and sellers. Following a successful seed investment round, ShoreTrade was required to develop their technology, but had no internal technical capability to develop this solution. Furthermore, they had a requirement for a web portal, buyer mobile app and seller mobile app, with the mobile applications spanning iOS and Android. This demonstrated a huge volume of technology that needed to be produced.


ShoreTrade contracted Station Five for the development of all technology and external platform integrations to go live. We started by working with the client to understand the business rules of ShoreTrade, as well as the users of the platform, who are generally considered to be less technically capable than users familiar with smartphones. By understanding the audience, a user experience and user interface was created that aligned with their expectations and technical capabilities.

ShoreTrade came to fruition with three key features that created a rich user experience from launch. These included a two sided marketplace, integration with both third party logistics and last mile delivery for international freight, and debt financing services with anti money laundering tests for buyers. The outcome was a product launch gathering attention from the government and industry, with attraction since on a global scale.

ShoreTrade and Station Five continue to work on an ongoing basis for further platform feature development and ongoing enhancements.


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Development of a two sided marketplace connecting the seafood industry.


Production of a progressive web app.


Design and development of risk dashboards.


Development of a research and development grant platform.

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