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During the Financial Services Royal Commission, ANZ Bank was regularly required to produce statistical reports across all business units to provide timely feedback to the regulators, executive team, and shareholders. The lack of reporting tools required the risk team to regularly construct these reports by consulting teams within the organisation across all business units. This was an incredibly tedious process leading to significant inefficiencies within the business.


ANZ Bank contracted Station Five to develop a series of dashboards for their Chief Risk Officers (CROs), called the CRO Dashboard. Station Five conducted an initial workshop with 12 individuals in the risk team at ANZ Bank, who each represented a different business unit and reported to a CRO. Wireframes were then designed to conceptualise the “ideal state” of the dashboards, with their usability tested with the risk team and two organisational CROs. Further consultation was then undertaken with different departments across the bank to confirm the location of the data required to convert the conceptualised dashboards into a digital portal.

After two months of rigorous consultation between Sydney and Melbourne, the data was made available as a series of data feeds and amalgamated by Station Five so it could be produced into dashboards. We then worked in an agile manner to produce the first three dashboards to be leveraged by the CROs during the Financial Services Royal Commission. The outcome was a highly utilised series of dashboards that developed a strong business case for the development of further dashboards.


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