We build scalable, progressive web applications leveraging the latest technologies.

We use agile development and test driven development methodologies to create applications with an impactful result. Agile development methodologies enable collaboration between cross functional teams. This allows interdependent processes to be queued and executed in quick succession to achieve optimal results. Test driven development is utilised to constantly trial and test features on an ongoing basis. By creating the test for a business case first, then building software to fulfil this test, software bugs are reduced before user testing commences.


Station Five offers a team of multifaceted developers with unique backgrounds, enabling development across a number of technologies. In addition, all developers are educated to work with a pure JavaScript stack, with a React JS front end, and Node JS back end. We use functional programming, a methodology that improves software testing and enables developers to concurrently work on the same project with far more ease than traditional methods.


Station Five is capable of carrying out a variety of software testing types based on each project’s requirements. We use unit, data integrity, end to end, regression, browser, responsive, performance, and user acceptance testing to ensure application performance is maximised. This is aimed to reduce issues experienced by the end user of the web application.


Cybersecurity is critical for web based applications. We offer penetration testing to ensure systems are adequately tested for potential vulnerabilities before going live. Our operations architecture is also built to favour isolation of server units, with the intention of protecting data.

We work with our clients to develop scalable, progressive web applications built upon the latest technologies.

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