We create software systems with machine learning to augment human efforts and provide advanced forecasting for decision making purposes.

Our capabilities in machine learning are most commonly spanned across quantitative data analysis and natural language processing. By combining this with evolutionary computation, we’re able to create unmatched outcomes for our clients.

Quantitative Data Analysis

We work with our clients to provide advanced data driven forecasting to improve decision making. Using the same technologies as Google, Airbnb, and Twitter, we’re able to produce high performance numerical computation. By enabling historical data, both that captured by an organisation, and third party data, we’re able to leverage this information alongside quantitative analysis of information to forecast potential outcomes. This assists businesses where historical information is a true depiction of potential future outcomes, and where this impacts decision making.

Natural Language Processing

Natural language processing (NLP) enables written communication to be quantified. By activating NLP across email, live chat, and social communication, sentiment can be analysed to enhance customer service. This is invaluable in enhancing customer experience.

Evolutionary Computation

We combine machine learning with evolutionary computation to provide unmatched outcomes. Evolutionary computation, like machine learning, is a substream of artificial intelligence. Performing well where historical data is not available, evolutionary computation has been inspired by biological evolution to produce high value results in search and optimisation problems. Using crossover, mutation, and natural selection, evolutionary computation can further be combined with machine learning to simulate potential outcomes and assess the potential outcome of business decisions. This can be used to assist across finance and logistics.

We work with our clients to provide machine learning solutions that augment human efforts and provide advanced forecasting to enhance decision making.

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