Systemise your business intelligently


Intelligent Insights

The integration of artificial intelligence provides insight to businesses by combining data across multiple streams. Natural language processing enables sentiment analysis of communication between staff and clients to improve client satisfaction. Machine learning uses data science to forecast the profitability of new business endeavours, including products and clients.


Data Amalgamation

Linked data sets enable the amalgamation of information across business systems. By coupling integration with workflow automation, processes can be streamlined to improve business efficiency. Dash enables information and processes to be strategically managed across organisations, including departments and subsidiaries.


About Us

Station Five

Station Five is a software business utilising the latest technologies to develop scalable, sustainable systems to enable long term growth for businesses. We provide an end to end solution which aims to save our clients time and money, whilst reducing administrative tasks such as data entry. Station Five offers capabilities across workflow automation, data visualisation, artificial intelligence and blockchain. In 2017, Station Five became an AFR Fast Starter, coupled by advisory from industry leading experts.

Our mission is to augment human behaviour using cutting edge technology.

Our Clients



Workflow Automation

Dash enables businesses to create more efficient systems. Workflow automation reduces the time required for administrative tasks to be completed, assisting with general processes such as invoicing, payroll and time tracking.

Data Visualisation

Dash presents information across multiple systems in a visual manner. By integrating with external systems, a high level analysis of quantitative data is available, with deeper analysis of multi dimensional data sets available.

Artificial Intelligence

Dash augments human efforts by advancing human insights. By combining machine learning and natural language processing, both quantitative and qualitative data can be analysed to provide invaluable business intelligence to decision makers.


Dash enables reporting of data within a variety of public and private blockchains (incluidng Hyperledger, EOS, NEO and Ethereum). By integrating with multiple technologies, data can be read and transactions made across all major networks.


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